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Menax® Plastic Post

Menax® is a fastener system for FABRIC to FABRIC & FABRIC to SOLID SURFACE applications. FABRIC to FABRIC: A fastener is installed on one side, “sandwiching" your fabric. A plastic post fastener on the opposite fabric. This enables the 2 pieces of fabric to snap together. (fig.1 & fig.2). FABRIC to SOLID SURFACE: A fastener is installed on the fabric side and a stainless post is installed on the solid surface. This enables the fabric to snap onto the post on the solid surface (fig.1& fig. 3-5). There are 3 types of stainless posts; Machine screw post w/washer nut, Wood screw post w/washer, Stainless steel post screw w/collar (fig. 3-5).

Industries commonly used: Marine, Tenting & Structure, Awning, Sign & Banner.
Material: Brass, Nickel Plated
Color: White, Black, other colors available upon request.

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