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Keder or sometimes referred to as Keder Awning Rope in the Marine Industry, consists of two parts: a core and fabric. The core is made from extruded PVC, or another elastic material, to allow flexibility. The core is then wrapped in Keder fabric, which has exposed fibers on the outside to allow the Keder to easily slide into an extrusion with a luff groove –known as a Keder Track or Keder Rail. It has coating on the inside, to ensure proper adhesion during welding. Welded-Flap Keder is commonly used in the Marine Industry, in conjunction with aluminum or flexible PVC Keder Rails —known as Radius Rail or Flex-a-Rail.

Keder is commonly used as a form of welting for boat tops, curtains, and furniture cushions. It enables the installation of canvas to boats and creates a watertight fit. Keder can simply be sewn along the edge of the fabric being used and pull it into groove of the Keder Rail track. No additional tools required. Use with Aluminum or PVC Keder Rail to attach fabric to a hard surface.