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How Do You Waterproof a Boat?... With Clear Marine Vinyl

Clear Marine Vinyl has several nautical uses, but to put it plainly, it’s used to waterproof a vessel’s cockpit.  But how do you waterproof a yacht – its upholstery, captain’s deck, and passenger areas while navigating the open water?

Here are a few ways Clear Marine Vinyl can help keep you dry the next time you set sail and make every voyage memorable for all the right reasons.

Boat Enclosure and Cockpit Sheltering

One of the most common add-ons to a vessel is an enclosure or covering for the cockpit to keep occupants safe from the elements.  Using PVC Keder Rail, Keder Flap, and other clear marine vinyl accessories you can build a tough, ultra-light, boat canopy frame that is capable of offering all enclosure demands.  Because a day out on the water loses appeal if a boat’s guests are getting burned by the sun or blasted by water.  Even if leisure is not the boat’s goal, everyone onboard needs marine vinyl UV protection to guard against the sun’s harmful rays.

Rain is also a big issue when sailing in certain regions.  Tough storms can be a big distraction when fishing, working or relaxing on the water, but PREMIERCLEAR Vinyl provides a haven that still offers full visibility.  

Another major plus, ship enclosures add value to the boat, not to mention give them a little bit of class.  Using various colors and styles provide owners the ability to modify the vessel’s aesthetic giving original style to match their personality. 

Waterproof Upholstery for Boats and Other Vessels

Marine upholstery provides a sophisticated, comfortable feel alongside powerful water shielding regardless of the boat or vessel's needs.  Offering high-end style for lounging on luxury yachts, durable work ship chairs, sleek open watercraft seats, and multiple other options, marine vinyl makes it possible and practical.  

Waterproof marine fabric is the key to making sure any ship upholstery is functional as well as comfy.  Consider the necessities of the project – is it for long treks out on rough waters or providing seating that doesn’t become painfully hot when tanning in the sun?  Is it for high-speed jet ski upholstery or a pillow for a sun bed?

Regardless of demand, waterproof boat upholstery is the goal.  

Where to Get Waterproof Marine Upholstery and Boat Enclosure Supplies?

Just contact the pros at Clear Marine Vinyl and we can guide you with everything you need.  

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